FlexShares are sponsored and managed by Northern Trust Asset Management which is a global investment manager that helps investors navigate changing market environments so they can confidently realize their long-term objectives. Entrusted with US$999.1 billion of investor assets as of September 30, 2022, we understand that investing ultimately serves a greater purpose and believe investors should be compensated for the risks they take — in all market environments and any investment strategy. That’s why we combine robust capital markets research, expert portfolio construction and comprehensive risk management to craft innovative and efficient solutions that deliver targeted investment outcomes.

As engaged contributors to our communities, we consider it a great privilege to serve our advisors and investors with integrity, respect, and transparency. We are proud to serve the investment needs of financial advisors and their clients to help them build a diversified investment portfolios for the long term with creatively designed ETF products that are accessible, goal-oriented, and tax efficient. Our investor-centric approach and differentiated product engineering methodology combine to produce innovative investment strategies that are helping to shape the next generation of ETFs. At FlexShares, our focus is on understanding and responding to investor needs through their advisors with funds that are designed to help meet specific long-term investment objectives and we continually work to help advisors and investors become well-educated consumers of Exchange Traded Funds.

The FlexShares mission is to provide exchange traded funds that serve as the building blocks for outcome-oriented portfolios. This focus on “investing with purpose” is at the heart of our brand of ETFs. Focusing on investor needs and preferences is in our DNA. Our solutions framework focuses on investors’ fundamental needs of growing assets, managing risk, providing liquidity and generating income, objectives that are not achieved overnight. It follows, then, that the funds we offer are differentiated and targeted toward long-term investors. More important to understanding what differentiates our funds, however, is knowing why we do what we do… what principles and values shape our organizational beliefs and business practices.

  • Intellectual curiosity - We pay close attention to proven economic theory as well as market trends and evolving investor preferences.
  • Simplicity - An investment solution should be easy for any prospective investor to understand and so we strive to communicate the science behind our investment strategies and clearly define our investment objectives.
  • Transparency - The structure of most ETFs allow investors to readily evaluate the underlying fund holdings. Our distinct approach to product management helps investors make informed investment decisions based on the targeted outcomes and risk exposures.
  • Discipline - We strictly adhere to the core tenets of our investing methodology to ensure that our investment solutions directly address the specific financial goals and needs we have identified.
  • Collaboration - We leverage our deep investment expertise and relationships with a wide array of clients and industry participants to offer potential solutions tailored to long-term investor needs.


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