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How your avocation can elevate your vocation

If you had one day to do whatever you want, what would that be?

Sure, your job is great. But what you really treasure is the time you can devote to your secret passion: dance. That’s where you find yourself both relaxed and energized; engaged and curious. What if that passion for dance could help to boost your performance, increase job satisfaction, and even build a stronger organizational culture?

The Flexible Advisor recently talked with Regina Huber, CEO and founder of a professional coaching business called Transform Your Performanceabout the powerful connection between our hobbies and our professional lives. 

Name Your Passion

“Our passion,” says Huber, “is what keeps us going when the going gets tough.” What’s yours? What do you love doing? What is it about that activity that satisfies you, brings you pleasure? Perhaps it’s creative expression, or a sense of making a positive difference, challenging yourself physically and/or intellectually. In any case, Huber says that passion-based pursuits bring lessons and skills that can directly benefit our professional lives. For example:

  • Dance lessons develop poise, flexibility, and partnership. Those qualities have a direct connection to presentation skills, presence in group settings and meetings, and even leadership presence.
  • Improvisation classes enhance listening skills and an ability to respond effectively to new information – all while advancing the topic. That sounds a lot like moderating a podcast, a large meeting or a company event.
  • Yoga increases balance and focus. Everyone benefits when we can stay calm in stressful situations.

That stamp collection of yours? Organization, patience, and attention to detail come to mind. But it’s your passion – surely you can name a few more.


  • If you had one day to do whatever you want, what would that be? 

  • Passion-based pursuits bring lessons and skills that can directly benefit our professional lives.

  • Inviting passion into the workplace can be transformative.

Now, Take It To Work

To some degree, your passions likely come into play in your day-to-day work life without even thinking about it. But when we recognize what sparks passion in our pastimes, we are better equipped to see opportunities to apply those qualities to our professional endeavors. And when we can do that, we may find ourselves less inclined to think of our jobs as “work.”

"Passion is important.  It's what keeps us going when the going gets tough." - Regina Huber

Make Every Day "Take Your Passion To Work Day"

Inviting passion into the workplace can be transformative, especially when everyone is doing it — sharing their ideas, unique viewpoints, and experiences. As a manager, how do you create an environment that welcomes that kind of interchange?

“Trust is the basis for anyone to share more of the good stuff they could bring to their jobs and their teams,” said Huber. “Conversational intelligence is one of the methodologies I bring into my coaching. It incorporates a variety of tools to help build trust.” From a simple, practical standpoint, Huber suggests that managers:

  • Make sharing a habit.  Begin each team meeting by having every member share what they are working on, what they are excited about, or what they need support with.  Others may be more open to sharing if you share as well.
  • Be curious.  Make a point of asking open-ended questions whenever possible.  Invite input beyond "yes", "no", or a deliverable date.
  • "Tell us more."  Find opportunities where people can share some special gift or talent that they would not usually be able to showcase in their jobs.

Over time – maybe sooner than you might think – you will see a notable change in the team’s comfort level, interaction, and enthusiasm.

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