Data as of 12/06/2019 (Unless otherwise noted) Fund Facts Inception,07/15/2019 CUSIP,33939L654 Total Net Assets,$6236239.54 Shares Outstanding,150001 # of Holdings,136 Gross Expense Ratio,.22% Net Expense Ratio,.22% Index Provider,NORTHERN TRUST Primary Exchange,NYSE Options Available,N Marginable,Y Derivative Use,Y Securities Lending,Y ETF Ticker,QLV Related Index,NTUQLV NAV,QLV.NV IOPV,QLV.IV Shares Outstanding,QLV.SO Estimated Cash,QLV.EU Total Cash,QLV.TC SEC Subsidized Yield(as of 11/30/2019),1.78% SEC Unsubsidized Yield(as of 11/30/2019),1.78% Distribution Yield,.77% 12-Month Dividend Yield,.19% Weighted Average Market Cap,187015076039.94 Pricing NAV Price,$41.57 Price $ Change,$.20 Price % Change,.48% Market Price,$41.62 Price $ Change,$.21 Price % Change,.52% Avg Bid/Ask Spread,$.05 Bid/Ask Midpoint,$41.63 Closing Bid Price,$41.60 Closing Ask Price,$41.65 52-Week High,$41.66 52-Week Low,$38.30 Premium/Discount,$.05 Daily Trading Volume (Shares),779 Average Trading Volume (Shares),4000 Shares Outstanding,150001 Sector (%) Information Technology,19.60 Financials,13.15 Health Care,12.01 Consumer Discretionary,10.88 Consumer Staples,9.85 Communication Services,9.63 Real Estate,6.85 Industrials,6.64 Utilities,6.30 Energy,2.93 Materials,2.16 Market Cap (%) Style (%) Value,33.56 Core,36.84 Growth,29.60 Total,100.00 Distributions--Ex-Date,Record Date,Payable Date,Income,Short-Term Capital Gains,Long-Term Capital Gains,Return of Capital,Total Distribution 12/20/2019,12/23/2019,12/27/2019,,,,, 09/20/2019,09/23/2019,09/26/2019,0.080530,0,0,0,0.080530 Country (%) United States,100.00