Data as of 08/19/2019 (Unless otherwise noted) Fund Facts Inception,07/15/2019 CUSIP,33939L654 Total Net Assets,$4008512.61 Shares Outstanding,100001 # of Holdings,134 Gross Expense Ratio,.22% Net Expense Ratio,.22% Index Provider,NORTHERN TRUST Primary Exchange,NYSE Options Available,N Marginable,Y Derivative Use,Y Securities Lending,Y ETF Ticker,QLV Related Index,NTUQLV NAV,QLV.NV IOPV,QLV.IV Shares Outstanding,QLV.SO Estimated Cash,QLV.EU Total Cash,QLV.TC Weighted Average Market Cap,168331325318.45 Pricing NAV Price,$40.08 Price $ Change,$.37 Price % Change,.93% Market Price,$40.13 Price $ Change,$.38 Price % Change,.96% Avg Bid/Ask Spread,$.04 Bid/Ask Midpoint,$40.09 Closing Bid Price,$40.07 Closing Ask Price,$40.11 52-Week High,$40.24 52-Week Low,$38.30 Premium/Discount,$.01 Daily Trading Volume (Shares),105 Average Trading Volume (Shares),1271 Shares Outstanding,100001 Sector (%) Information Technology,18.37 Financials,14.11 Health Care,12.97 Consumer Discretionary,10.61 Consumer Staples,9.87 Communication Services,9.77 Real Estate,7.02 Industrials,6.70 Utilities,6.19 Energy,2.30 Materials,1.83 All Others,.26 Market Cap (%) Style (%) Value,28.22 Core,37.69 Growth,34.09 Total,100.00 Distributions--Ex-Date,Record Date,Payable Date,Income,Short-Term Capital Gains,Long-Term Capital Gains,Return of Capital,Total Distribution 12/20/2019,12/23/2019,12/27/2019,,,,, 09/20/2019,09/23/2019,09/26/2019,,,,, Country (%) United States,100.00