In Honor of Women Leading Change

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In 2018, FlexShares ETFs started working with the Kopila Valley Women’s Cooperative, purchasing their goods—handmade by women in Nepal—and distributing them to advisors at trade shows. The objective was to empower women with skills and resources to build and manage wealth—and the positive reception from advisors was overwhelming. This successful initiative marked the beginning of the FlexShares Cares campaign.

In partnership with FlexShares Philanthropy, FlexShares Cares has since partnered with several organizations that share the mission of empowering women to lay the groundwork for a stronger and more diverse financial services industry—one that brings more prosperity to more people.


With extensive research and due diligence, FlexShares Cares has carefully selected organizations that are aligned with our objective of empowering women with financial literacy and children with optimal environments where they can heal, learn and grow.

 Chart: The Mission

“The work of these organizations has changed the lives of these women and laid the groundwork for a stronger financial services industry. Attracting women across an organization can not only provide an answer to limited availability of key skills, but can also be a catalyst for a shift in attitudes and behaviors such as feedback, mentoring, and flexibility.”

- Stephanie S. Treccia, Senior Vice President, Head of Client Engagement

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For additional information, please contact Stephanie Treccia at st50@ntrs.com or 312.444.4516.


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