Data as of 06/27/2022 (Unless otherwise noted) Inception,07/17/2018 Market Price,$41.16 (-0.40%) 52-Week High,$50.23 52-Week Low,$40.14 NAV Price,$41.21 Premium/Discount,-.13% Primary Exchange,NYSE Arca CUSIP,33939L662 Total Net Assets,$855109716.66 Number of Holdings,786 SEC Subsidized Yield (as of 05/31/2022),8.72% SEC Unsubsidized Yield (as of 05/31/2022),8.72% Distribution Yield,7.49% 12-Month Dividend Yield,6.31% Gross Expense Ratio,.38% Net Expense Ratio**,.37% Median Bid/Ask Spread,.0489% Weighted Avg Maturity,6.11 yrs Weighted Avg Effective Duration,4.45 yrs Weighted Avg Yield to Worst,10.08%