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FlexShares Credit-Scored US Corporate Bond Index Fund

Objective and Strategy

The Fund seeks investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Northern Trust Credit-Scored US Corporate Bond IndexSM (Underlying Index).

Different, by Design

1. Identify a liquid universe of bonds with maturities from 2 to 10 years
2. Assess the current financial state of US issuers based on a proprietary credit score model
3. Optimize exposure to the credit score while maintaining market like duration and spread

Fund Facts

as of 02/21/2017
Total Net Assets$ 40,189,142.45
Shares Outstanding800,001
# of Holdings*283
Gross Expense Ratio.26%
Net Expense Ratio**.22%
Primary ExchangeNASDAQ
Derivative UseN
*Cash positions and derivatives such as futures and currency forwards are not included in the number of holdings.

**NTI has contractually agreed to reimburse the fees and expenses of the Fund’s independent trustees and independent legal counsel until March 1, 2017.


Related IndexNTUCCB
Shares OutstandingSKOR.SO
Estimated CashSKOR.EU
Total CashSKOR.TC

Quality Allocations

  • S&P
  • Moody's
as of 02/22/2017% of Total
as of 02/22/2017% of Total

Fund Characteristics1

as of 02/21/2017
SEC Subsidized Yield2 (as of 01/31/2017)2.56%
SEC Unsubsidized Yield3
 (as of 01/31/2017)
Distribution Yield42.54%
12-Month Dividend Yield52.35%
Weighted Avg Price101.22
Weighted Avg Yield to Worst2.85
Weighted Avg Yield to Maturity2.85%
Weighted Avg Coupon3.23
Weighted Average Maturity5.37
Weighted Avg Effective Duration4.76
Weighted Avg Option Adjusted Spread81.82
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Maturity (%)

as of 02/21/2017
0 - 2 Years4.42
2 - 3 Years12.55
3 - 5 Years30.47
5 - 7 Years25.23
7 - 10 Years27.30
10+ Years.03





Performance information presented on this website is historical, and is not indicative of future results. Investment returns and principal may vary, and at the time of sale an investment may be worth more or worth less than its original value. For most recent month end performance please call 1-855-353-9383 (1-855-FlexETF). All performance figures assume reinvestment of dividend and capital gains at net asset value; actual returns may differ. Performance 1-year and less are cumulative; performance over 1-year are average annualized total returns. The fund inception date is generally several days prior to when the fund begins trading. NAV prices are used to calculate market price performance prior to 11/13/2014, when the fund first traded on NASDAQ. Market performance is determined using the bid/ask midpoint at 4:00pm Eastern time, when the NAV is typically calculated. They do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times. Index performance does not represent FlexShares fund performance. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.


1All Fund Characteristics terms are defined in the glossary.
2SEC Subsidized Yield
The 30-Day SEC Subsidized Yield is computed under an SEC standardized formula based on net income earned over the past 30 days. It is a "subsidized" yield, which means it includes contractual expense reimbursements and it would be lower without those reimbursements. It may also include an inflation adjustment that can cause the yield to vary substantially from one month to the next.
3SEC Unsubsidized Yield
The 30-Day SEC Unsubsidized Yield calculation is also computed under the same SEC standardized formula based on net income earned over the past 30 days, but excludes contractual expense reimbursements, resulting in a lower yield. It may also include an inflation adjustment that can cause the yield to vary substantially from one month to the next.
4Distribution Yield
This yield is calculated by taking the most recent distribution annualized and dividing by the fund NAV from the as of date. For Funds that distribute monthly, an NA will be displayed if the fund has not distributed within the last 35 days.
512-Month Dividend Yield
This yield is calculated by assuming any income distributions over the past twelve months and dividing by the sum of the most recent NAV and any capital gain distributions made over the past twelve months.

Month End Performance (%)

as of 01/31/2017
 1 MonthQTDYTD1 YearSince Inception
Market Price.34.34.342.262.56
Northern Trust Credit-Scored US Corporate Bond Index (NTUCCBTR).
Barclays Capital Intermediate U.S. Corporate Index (LD06TRUU).39.39.393.892.59

Quarter End Performance (%)

as of 12/31/2016
 1 MonthQTDYTD1 YearSince Inception
Market Price.42-2.622.792.792.50
Northern Trust Credit-Scored US Corporate Bond Index (NTUCCBTR).27-2.303.603.602.83
Barclays Capital Intermediate U.S. Corporate Index (LD06TRUU).24-1.844.044.042.51
Performance information presented on this website is historical, and is not indicative of future results. Investment returns and principal may vary, and at the time of sale an investment may be worth more or worth less than its original value. For most recent month end performance please call 1-855-353-9383 (1-855-FlexETF). All performance figures assume reinvestment of dividend and capital gains at net asset value; actual returns may differ. Performance 1-year and less are cumulative; performance over 1-year are average annualized total returns. The fund inception date is generally several days prior to when the fund begins trading. NAV prices are used to calculate market price performance prior to 11/13/2014, when the fund first traded on NASDAQ. Market performance is determined using the bid/ask midpoint at 4:00pm Eastern time, when the NAV is typically calculated. They do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times. Index performance does not represent FlexShares fund performance. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

Expense Ratios

as of 02/21/2017
Gross Expense Ratio.26%
Net Expense Ratio*.22%
*NTI has contractually agreed to reimburse the fees and expenses of the Fund’s independent trustees and independent legal counsel until March 1, 2017.


  • Net Asset Value (NAV)
    NAV is a fund’s price per share, which is calculated by dividing the total value of all the securities in the fund’s portfolio plus cash, interest and receivables less any liabilities by the number of fund shares outstanding.
  • Market Price
    Because ETFs trade like stocks, ETF shares trade at market value on the secondary market, which can be a dollar value above (trading at a premium) or below (trading at a discount) the fund’s NAV.

Market Price

as of 02/21/2017
Price $ Change$.02
Price % Change.04%
Avg Bid/Ask Spread$.08
Bid/Ask Midpoint$50.30
Closing Bid Price$50.26
Closing Ask Price$50.34

NAV Price

as of 02/21/2017
Price $ Change$.01
Price % Change.02%


as of 02/21/2017
52-Week High$52.23
52-Week Low$49.57
Daily Trading Volume (Shares)1,004
Average Trading Volume (Shares)5,955
Shares Outstanding800,001


as of 02/21/2017
Shares HeldCouponMaturitySector/Type  Credit
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO1.32085200003.3805/01/2023Financials  BBB+
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC/THE1.28865000003.6301/22/2023Financials  BBB+
GENERAL MOTORS FINANCIAL CO INC1.07734000004.3809/25/2021Industrial  BBB
MITSUBISHI UFJ FINANCIAL GROUP INC1.02704000002.9503/01/2021Financials  A
CELGENE CORPORATION1.01604000002.2505/15/2019Consumer  BBB+
BANK OF AMERICA CORP1.01274000003.3001/11/2023Financials  BBB+
MORGAN STANLEY1.00394000002.6311/17/2021Financials  BBB+
PNC FUNDING CORP0.99833800003.3003/08/2022Financials  A-
ABBOTT LABORATORIES0.96873900002.5503/15/2022Consumer  BBB
BARCLAYS BANK PLC0.95393500005.1410/14/2020Financials  BBB-
CITIGROUP INC0.94863700002.5009/26/2018Financials  BBB+
ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV WORLDWIDE INC0.87143500002.5007/15/2022Consumer  A-
BANK OF AMERICA CORP0.83893200004.2008/26/2024Financials  BBB
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC0.76943000002.7007/15/2020Consumer  A+
VISA INC0.76563000002.8012/14/2022Consumer  A+
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC/THE0.76443000002.6301/31/2019Financials  BBB+
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO0.76333000002.5503/01/2021Financials  A-
WESTPAC BANKING CORP0.76303000002.6011/23/2020Financials  AA-
HSBC USA INC0.76193000002.7508/07/2020Financials  A
DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY (THE)0.71562650004.2511/15/2020Industrial  BBB
QUALCOMM INCORPORATED0.68452700002.2505/20/2020Technology, Telecomm & Media  A+
ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV WORLDWIDE INC0.66442400005.0004/15/2020Consumer  A-
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO0.65072500003.9007/15/2025Financials  A-
SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCIAL GROUP IN0.64932500003.7803/09/2026Financials  A-
CREDIT SUISSE GROUP FUNDING (GUERN0.64522500003.8009/15/2022Financials  BBB+
BANK OF AMERICA CORP0.64472550004.0001/22/2025Financials  BBB
DISCOVER BANK0.64432500003.1006/04/2020Financials  BBB
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC0.63812500003.0011/01/2021Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB+
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC/THE0.63772550003.5001/23/2025Financials  BBB+
SVENSKA HANDELSBANKEN AB0.63772500002.5001/25/2019Financials  AA-
CITIGROUP INC0.63672500003.5005/15/2023Financials  BBB
HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK (THE)0.63592500002.2011/06/2018Financials  BBB+
COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA (NE0.63552500002.0503/15/2019Financials  AA-
NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK LTD0.63542500002.6307/23/2020Financials  AA-
UBS AG (STAMFORD BRANCH)0.63332500002.3808/14/2019Financials  A+
ORACLE CORP0.63052500002.5010/15/2022Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
AT&T INC0.63042500002.4506/30/2020Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB+
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY0.62942500002.1501/30/2020Financials  A
AT&T INC0.62742500002.8002/17/2021Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB+
AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND BANKING0.62422500002.3006/01/2021Financials  AA-
CITIGROUP INC0.61772500003.4005/01/2026Financials  BBB+
ABBVIE INC0.61242400003.2011/06/2022Consumer  A-
SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCIAL GROUP IN0.61222500002.0607/14/2021Financials  A-
BP CAPITAL MARKETS PLC0.60932450002.7505/10/2023Energy  A-
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY0.60792500003.0004/22/2026Financials  A
WELLS FARGO & CO0.60622250004.4801/16/2024Financials  A-
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO0.60452500002.9510/01/2026Financials  A-
SHIRE ACQUISITIONS INVESTMENTS IRE0.60092500003.2009/23/2026Consumer  BBB-
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO0.57142300003.1301/23/2025Financials  A-
APPLE INC0.57112300002.4005/03/2023Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA+
GILEAD SCIENCES INC0.56942250003.5002/01/2025Consumer  A
HSBC HOLDINGS PLC0.56002100004.0003/30/2022Financials  A
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC/THE0.55712100004.0003/03/2024Financials  BBB+
CHEVRON CORP0.55542150003.1906/24/2023Energy  AA-
BP CAPITAL MARKETS PLC0.54912000004.5010/01/2020Energy  A-
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO0.54882200003.3004/01/2026Financials  A-
PEPSICO INC0.53662000003.6003/01/2024Consumer  A
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY0.52832000003.5003/08/2022Financials  A
MORGAN STANLEY0.52782000003.7502/25/2023Financials  BBB+
AERCAP IRELAND CAPITAL LTD / AERCA0.52142000003.9502/01/2022Financials  BBB-
CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORP0.51412000003.5006/15/2023Financials  BBB
CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORP0.51162000002.4504/24/2019Financials  BBB
CVS HEALTH CORP0.51132000002.8007/20/2020Consumer  BBB+
BAIDU INC0.51122000002.7506/09/2019Technology, Telecomm & Media  
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY0.51062000003.5509/29/2025Financials  A
MORGAN STANLEY0.51032000003.8801/27/2026Financials  BBB+
HSBC HOLDINGS PLC0.51032000003.9005/25/2026Financials  A
ALIBABA GROUP HOLDING LTD0.50962000002.5011/28/2019Consumer  A+
US BANCORP0.50902000002.9507/15/2022Financials  A-
LLOYDS BANK PLC0.50892000002.4003/17/2020Financials  A
WELLS FARGO & COMPANY0.50882000002.1304/22/2019Financials  A
GE CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL FUNDING C0.50762000002.3411/15/2020Financials  AA-
ANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV FINANCE INC0.50502000001.9002/01/2019Consumer  A-
AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT CORPORATIO0.50091950002.6009/14/2020Financials  A-
COMCAST CORPORATION0.50082000003.1503/01/2026Industrial  A-
CITIGROUP INC0.49882000003.3004/27/2025Financials  BBB+
AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC0.49291900003.3808/15/2020Financials  BBB+
ORACLE CORPORATION0.47842000002.6507/15/2026Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
TEVA PHARMACEUTICAL FINANCE NETHER0.47582000002.8007/21/2023Consumer  BBB
MICROSOFT CORPORATION0.47252000002.4008/08/2026Technology, Telecomm & Media  AAA
CVS CAREMARK CORP0.46511750004.0012/05/2023Consumer  BBB+
TOYOTA MTR CRD CORP MTN BE0.46261700004.5006/17/2020Industrial  AA-
EXELON CORP0.46151800002.8506/15/2020Energy  BBB-
BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA0.45651800002.0506/05/2019Financials  A+
OMNICOM GROUP INC.0.45621700004.4508/15/2020Industrial  BBB+
ACE INA HOLDINGS INC0.43381700003.1503/15/2025Financials  A
AMGEN INC0.42901700002.7005/01/2022Consumer  A
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC/THE0.42671500005.7501/24/2022Financials  BBB+
BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP/THE0.41021600002.3009/11/2019Financials  A
EXXON MOBIL CORP0.40771600002.7303/01/2023Energy  AA+
CREDIT SUISSE NEW YORK NY0.40621500005.3008/13/2019Financials  A
ALTRIA GROUP INC0.40201600002.8508/09/2022Consumer  A-
REYNOLDS AMERICAN INC0.39791500004.0006/12/2022Consumer  BBB
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC0.39631580002.9503/15/2022Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB+
MPLX LP0.39561500004.5007/15/2023Energy  BBB-
SHELL INTERNATIONAL FINANCE BV0.39291550003.2505/11/2025Energy  A
BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP/THE0.39201500003.6502/04/2024Financials  A
EXPRESS SCRIPTS HOLDING CO0.39061500003.9002/15/2022Consumer  BBB+
AMERICAN TOWER CORPORATION0.38951500003.4509/15/2021Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB-
INTERCONTINENTAL EXCHANGE INC0.38581500002.7512/01/2020Financials  A
APPLE INC0.38571500003.2502/23/2026Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA+
SYSCO CORPORATION0.38441500002.6010/01/2020Consumer  BBB+
DOMINION RESOURCES INC/VA0.38311500002.5012/01/2019Energy  BBB
AETNA INC0.38281500002.4006/15/2021Consumer  A
STATE STREET CORP0.38241500002.5508/18/2020Financials  A
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA0.38031500002.3510/30/2020Financials  AA-
COCA-COLA CO0.37871500001.8810/27/2020Consumer  AA-
SHIRE ACQUISITIONS INVESTMENTS IRE0.37651500001.9009/23/2019Consumer  BBB-
TIME WARNER INC0.37651500003.8801/15/2026Industrial  BBB
PFIZER INC0.37591500001.9506/03/2021Consumer  AA
CVS HEALTH CORP0.37171500002.1306/01/2021Consumer  BBB+
HCP INC0.36671450002.6302/01/2020Financials  BBB
SOUTHERN COMPANY (THE)0.36651500003.2507/01/2026Energy  BBB+
WESTPAC BANKING CORP0.36501500002.8505/13/2026Financials  AA-
CATERPILLAR FINANCIAL SERVICES COR0.36491500001.7008/09/2021Industrial  A
AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY0.35951400003.6312/05/2024Financials  BBB
DEUTSCHE BANK AG (LONDON BRANCH)0.35611450003.7005/30/2024Financials  BBB+
MORGAN STANLEY0.34841450003.1307/27/2026Financials  BBB+
MICROSOFT CORPORATION0.34461400002.7002/12/2025Technology, Telecomm & Media  AAA
LYB INTERNATIONAL FINANCE BV0.34411300004.0007/15/2023Industrial  BBB
KINDER MORGAN ENERGY PARTNERS LP0.34301350002.6502/01/2019Energy  BBB-
VENTAS REALTY LP0.34271300004.0004/30/2019Financials  BBB+
BOSTON PROPERTIES LP0.33691200005.6311/15/2020Financials  A-
CISCO SYSTEMS INC0.33361300002.1303/01/2019Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
HEWLETT-PACKARD CO0.33361250004.0509/15/2022Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB
TOTAL CAPITAL CANADA LTD0.32571300002.7507/15/2023Energy  A+
APPLE INC0.31821250002.2502/23/2021Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA+
MCDONALDS CORPORATION0.31761250003.3806/01/2025Consumer  BBB+
APPLE INC0.31431200003.4505/06/2024Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA+
SIMON PROPERTY GROUP LP0.31391200003.7502/01/2024Financials  A
CITIGROUP INC0.31101200004.4006/10/2025Financials  BBB
FIFTH THIRD BANCORP0.30701200002.8807/27/2020Financials  BBB+
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC0.30641100005.3803/15/2020Financials  BBB+
GILEAD SCIENCES INC0.30551200002.0504/01/2019Consumer  A
GENERAL ELECTRIC CAPITAL CORP0.30541200002.2001/09/2020Industrial  AA-
BANK OF MONTREAL0.29911200001.5007/18/2019Financials  A+
AIR LEASE CORPORATION0.29891200002.1301/15/2020Financials  BBB
EBAY INC.0.29841200003.4508/01/2024Consumer  BBB+
STRYKER CORPORATION0.29611150003.5003/15/2026Consumer  A
KEYCORP0.28021000005.1003/24/2021Financials  BBB+
SIMON PROPERTY GROUP L.P.0.27411000004.3803/01/2021Financials  A
AMERICA MOVIL SAB DE CV0.27321000005.0010/16/2019Technology, Telecomm & Media  A-
REALTY INCOME CORPORATION0.27291000004.6508/01/2023Financials  BBB+
EI DU PONT DE NEMOURS & CO0.27211000004.2504/01/2021Industrial  A-
21ST CENTURY FOX AMERICA INC0.26901000004.5002/15/2021Industrial  BBB+
INTEL CORP0.26381000003.7007/29/2025Technology, Telecomm & Media  A+
BIOGEN INC0.26341000003.6309/15/2022Consumer  A-
REPUBLIC SERVICES INC0.26321000003.5506/01/2022Industrial  BBB+
COMCAST CORPORATION0.26281000003.6003/01/2024Industrial  A-
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CO0.26221000003.6302/12/2024Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
NOVARTIS CAPITAL CORP0.26131000003.4005/06/2024Consumer  AA-
BURLINGTON NORTHERN SANTA FE LLC0.26061000003.0503/15/2022Industrial  A
MORGAN STANLEY0.25951000004.0007/23/2025Financials  BBB+
PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC0.25931000003.5005/15/2024Financials  A
AMGEN INC0.25921000003.6305/22/2024Consumer  A
LOWES COMPANIES INC0.25921000003.3809/15/2025Consumer  A-
SYNCHRONY FINANCIAL0.25571000003.0008/15/2019Financials  BBB-
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CO0.25561000003.4502/19/2026Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
ORANGE SA0.25541000002.7502/06/2019Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB+
HOME DEPOT INC0.25501000002.6306/01/2022Consumer  A
AMGEN INC0.25471000002.2005/22/2019Consumer  A
ROPER TECHNOLOGIES INC0.25451000003.8012/15/2026Industrial  BBB
ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS OPERATING LLC0.25451000003.7502/15/2025Energy  BBB+
HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE CO0.2540950004.9010/15/2025Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB
AON PLC0.25361000003.5006/14/2024Financials  A-
WELLPOINT INC0.25241000002.2508/15/2019Consumer  A
AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC0.25241000003.7507/10/2025Financials  BBB+
ERP OPERATING LP0.25211000003.0004/15/2023Financials  A-
SOUTHERN POWER COMPANY0.25171000001.9512/15/2019Energy  BBB+
MUFG AMERICAS HOLDINGS CORP0.25131000002.2502/10/2020Financials  A
FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SERV0.2503950003.6310/15/2020Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CO0.25021000001.6305/15/2020Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
ANALOG DEVICES INC0.25011000003.5012/05/2026Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB
FIFTH THIRD BANCORP0.2495950003.5003/15/2022Financials  BBB+
PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC CO0.24941000002.9503/01/2026Energy  BBB+
ORACLE CORPORATION0.24931000001.9009/15/2021Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL INC0.2491950003.6011/15/2023Consumer  A
DUKE ENERGY CAROLINAS LLC0.24841000002.9512/01/2026Energy  A
WAL-MART STORES INC0.2483900004.2504/15/2021Consumer  AA
WALGREENS BOOTS ALLIANCE INC0.24811000003.4506/01/2026Consumer  BBB
BLACKROCK INC0.2475900005.0012/10/2019Financials  AA-
BNP PARIBAS0.2461900005.0001/15/2021Financials  A
PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL INC0.24491000002.7502/25/2026Consumer  A
COMCAST CABLE CORP.0.2443950003.1307/15/2022Industrial  A-
SHELL INTERNATIONAL FINANCE BV0.23701000002.5009/12/2026Energy  A
APPLE INC0.23651000002.4508/04/2026Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA+
UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP0.2196800004.5004/15/2020Industrial  A-
TIME WARNER INC0.2155800004.7001/15/2021Industrial  BBB
TOTAL CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL SA0.2126800003.7504/10/2024Energy  A+
METLIFE INC0.2096800003.6004/10/2024Financials  A-
FISERV INC0.2089800003.5010/01/2022Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB
ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS OPERATING LLC0.2065800003.3503/15/2023Energy  BBB+
NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORPORATION0.2060800003.0004/01/2022Industrial  BBB+
SEMPRA ENERGY0.2051800003.5506/15/2024Energy  BBB+
BB&T CORP0.2037800002.4501/15/2020Financials  A-
CONOCOPHILLIPS0.2034750005.7502/01/2019Energy  A-
CBS CORP0.2025800003.7008/15/2024Industrial  BBB
TIME WARNER INC0.2015800003.5506/01/2024Industrial  BBB
KELLOGG COMPANY0.1994800003.2504/01/2026Consumer  BBB
TYSON FOODS INC0.1994740004.5006/15/2022Consumer  BBB
OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION0.1989800002.7002/15/2023Energy  A
EXXON MOBIL CORP0.1987800002.7103/06/2025Energy  AA+
HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC0.1982800001.8511/01/2021Industrial  A
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP0.1974750003.3509/15/2021Industrial  BBB+
CONOCOPHILLIPS CO0.1966800002.4012/15/2022Energy  A-
MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL INC0.1963800002.3001/15/2022Industrial  BBB
VALERO ENERGY CORPORATION0.1953800003.4009/15/2026Energy  BBB
EOG RESOURCES INC0.1915750002.4504/01/2020Energy  BBB+
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC0.1907750003.1303/15/2026Financials  AA
AUTOZONE INC0.1871700004.0011/15/2020Consumer  BBB
CSX CORP0.1855700003.7010/30/2020Industrial  BBB+
WALGREENS BOOTS ALLIANCE INC0.1808700003.8011/18/2024Consumer  BBB
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION0.1795700003.5501/15/2026Industrial  BBB+
FEDEX CORP0.1758700003.2002/01/2025Industrial  BBB
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC0.1653650002.2003/15/2021Financials  AA
PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC0.1638600004.5011/15/2020Financials  A
DOMINION RESOURCES INC0.1638600004.4503/15/2021Energy  BBB
MERCK & CO INC0.1614650002.7502/10/2025Consumer  AA
DUKE ENERGY CAROLINAS LLC0.1609600003.9006/15/2021Energy  A
CITIZENS FINANCIAL GROUP INC0.1556600004.3012/03/2025Financials  BBB
ROPER TECHNOLOGIES INC0.1542600003.0012/15/2020Industrial  BBB
RIO TINTO FIN USA LTD0.1538520009.0005/01/2019Industrial  A-
MCKESSON CORP0.1533600002.2803/15/2019Consumer  BBB+
ABBOTT LABORATORIES0.1525600002.3511/22/2019Consumer  BBB
L-3 COMMUNICATIONS CORP0.1514550005.2010/15/2019Industrial  BBB-
MERCK & CO INC0.1512600001.8502/10/2020Consumer  AA
INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO0.1502550004.7502/15/2022Industrial  BBB
WALT DISNEY CO0.1498600003.0002/13/2026Industrial  A
ALTRIA GROUP INC0.1455550004.0001/31/2024Consumer  A-
HSBC FINANCE CORP0.1426500006.6801/15/2021Financials  A-
REYNOLDS AMERICAN INC0.1400540003.2506/12/2020Consumer  BBB
PRAXAIR INC0.1337500004.5008/15/2019Industrial  A
TRANSCANADA PIPELINES LIMITED0.1334500003.8010/01/2020Energy  A-
MCKESSON CORP0.1317500003.8003/15/2024Consumer  BBB+
MIDAMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY0.1315500003.5010/15/2024Energy  A+
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY FINANCE CORP0.1312500002.9010/15/2020Financials  AA
PNC FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP INC0.1310500003.9004/29/2024Financials  BBB+
BECTON DICKINSON AND COMPANY0.1297500003.1311/08/2021Consumer  BBB+
PROCTER & GAMBLE COMPANY0.1297500003.1008/15/2023Consumer  AA-
WALGREENS BOOTS ALLIANCE INC0.1294500003.3011/18/2021Consumer  BBB
21ST CENTURY FOX AMERICA INC0.1290500003.7010/15/2025Industrial  BBB+
WASTE MANAGEMENT INC0.1279500003.1303/01/2025Industrial  A-
THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC0.1271500002.4002/01/2019Consumer  BBB
AETNA INC0.1264500002.7511/15/2022Consumer  A
VALERO ENERGY CORPORATION0.1264500003.6503/15/2025Energy  BBB
MEDTRONIC INC0.1262500002.7504/01/2023Consumer  A
BOSTON PROPERTIES LP0.1258500003.6502/01/2026Financials  A-
DUKE ENERGY CAROLINAS LLC0.1254500002.5003/15/2023Energy  A
COCA-COLA COMPANY0.1254500002.8810/27/2025Consumer  AA-
VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPAN0.1251500003.1501/15/2026Energy  BBB+
VENTAS REALTY LP0.1235500003.5002/01/2025Financials  BBB+
JOHNSON & JOHNSON0.1234500002.0503/01/2023Consumer  AAA
WYETH0.1222400006.4502/01/2024Consumer  AA
ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC0.1220500002.6511/15/2026Industrial  A+
CISCO SYSTEMS INC0.1206500002.5009/20/2026Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
VODAFONE GROUP PLC0.1091400005.4506/10/2019Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB+
TRANSCANADA CORPORATION0.1059400003.7510/16/2023Energy  A-
HALLIBURTON COMPANY0.1038400003.2511/15/2021Energy  BBB+
BP CAPITAL MARKETS PLC0.1026400003.5103/17/2025Energy  A-
ONEOK PARTNERS LP0.1020400003.3810/01/2022Energy  BBB
EBAY INC.0.1012400002.2008/01/2019Consumer  BBB+
DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS INC0.1009400003.3005/15/2022Industrial  BBB-
DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES0.1006400003.7503/04/2025Financials  BBB-
TARGET CORPORATION0.0958400002.5004/15/2026Consumer  A
HEALTH CARE REIT INC0.0785300003.7503/15/2023Financials  BBB+
CISCO SYSTEMS INC0.0775300003.0006/15/2022Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
MCDONALDS CORPORATION0.0771300002.7512/09/2020Consumer  BBB+
MARSH & MCLENNAN COMPANIES INC0.0768300003.5003/10/2025Financials  A-
GENERAL MILLS INC0.0765300002.2010/21/2019Consumer  BBB+
EXPRESS SCRIPTS INC0.0762300002.2506/15/2019Consumer  BBB+
UNITED PARCEL SERVICE INC0.0761300002.4510/01/2022Industrial  A+
PUBLIC SERVICE ELECTRIC AND GAS CO0.0741300002.3805/15/2023Energy  A
HEWLETT-PACKARD CO0.0676250004.3809/15/2021Technology, Telecomm & Media  BBB
WASTE MANAGEMENT INC0.0620250002.4005/15/2023Industrial  A-
RIO TINTO FINANCE LTD0.0529200003.5003/22/2022Industrial  A-
CISCO SYSTEMS INC0.0526200003.5006/15/2025Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
MARSH & MCLENNAN COMPANIES INC0.0522200003.7503/14/2026Financials  A-
LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC0.0430150006.3801/21/2021Financials  A
MCDONALDS CORPORATION0.0378150002.6301/15/2022Consumer  BBB+
CMS ENERGY CORPORATION0.0364150003.0005/15/2026Energy  BBB
IBM CORP0.0301100008.3811/01/2019Technology, Telecomm & Media  AA-
BOEING CO0.0274100004.8802/15/2020Industrial  A
PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC0.0264100005.2003/15/2044Financials  BBB+


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The Northern Trust Credit-Scored US Corporate Bond Index is designed to measure the performance of a diversified universe of intermediate maturity, U.S.-dollar denominated bonds of companies with investment grade-like characteristics, and enhanced short-term and long-term solvency. To promote liquidity, securities must have an effective maturity of 2-10 years and at least $500mm in amount outstanding to be eligible for inclusion. The index’s construction utilizes an optimization process which has primary objectives of maximizing exposure to our proprietary credit-score, while also maintaining an option adjusted spread and effective duration similar to the eligible universe. The proprietary credit-score seeks to identify companies that exhibit strength in management efficiency, profitability, and solvency.