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FlexShares proudly acknowledges the 1-year anniversary of the Developed Markets Climate ESG ETFs

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FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds

We offer differentiated ETF strategies that seek to help professional investors achieve real-world goals by providing products and solutions that allow you to construct, allocate and manage outcome-oriented portfolios.

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FlexShares ETFs

Pricing as of 10/08/2022

Ticker Symbol Asset Class Mkt $ NAV Net Expense Ratio % Ongoing Charges Figure Date of Inception
FLPE Equity 20.17 .40 .4 09/12/2021
QDFD Equity 25.74 .29 .29 24/02/2021
QVFD Equity 26.43 .25 .25 24/02/2021
QDFE Equity 20.02 .35 .35 23/09/2021
QVFE Equity 20.55 .31 .31 23/09/2021


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