With dividend ETFs, there's no substitute for quality. Quality Dividend Suite.

Dividend yield has become increasingly important in income investing. But how can investors judge whether a stock's dividend yield is sustainable?

FlexShares' Dividend Quality Score evaluates dividend-paying equities for management efficiency, profitability and cash flow, then ranks companies on a regional and sector basis. Because some investors prefer a growth target either greater or less than the parent index, FlexShares offers "dynamic" (target beta greater than parent) and "defensive" (target beta less than parent) index options for both US and international funds.

The result is a suite of US (QDF, QDEF, QDYN) and international (IQDF, IQDE, IQDY) quality dividend ETFs that seek sustainable dividend yield plus targeted long-term growth. Find out more about FlexShares Quality Dividend Suite.