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Why FlexShares?

Understanding our unique focus on "investing with purpose."

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How to Invest in Turbulent Times? Quality May Be the Answer.

How quality may be able to help.

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Introducing a Smart Way to Invest in Real Assets.


FlexShares Real Assets Allocation Index Fund.

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Help Reduce Your Currency Risk Exposure in a TILTed Fund.


The FlexShares TILTed family of Hedged Funds.

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Investment Solutions

FlexShares® offers investor-centric ETFs specifically designed with real-world goals in mind. Each pursues distinct primary and secondary investment outcomes to help meet a variety of investment needs such as capital appreciation, risk management, income generation and liquidity management.

Capital Appreciation

Equity and related strategies that attempt to replicate the performance outcomes of investing in growth-seeking assets.

Target Outcome:

  • Seek Growth with Purpose

Risk Management

Investment strategies that look to manage specific factor-related risks and mitigate portfolio risks.

Target Outcome:

  • Seek to Manage Risk

Income Generation

Investment strategies that attempt to replicate the performance outcomes of investing in income-generating assets.

Target Outcome

  • Seek Income for Expected Needs

Liquidity Management

Income strategies featuring cash-plus and fixed income solutions with flexible guidelines.

Target Outcome

  • Seek Liquidity and Flexibility


Flexible Indexing

Fund Quick Look

Video Focus

Let's Talk Factor-Based Investing

Learn about factor-based investing and how FlexShares ETFs combine the benefits of factors historically found in actively managed funds with passive index management.

A New Approach to Fixed Income

Innovation in Fixed Income Investing –
A New Way to Keep "Score."

The Growth Potential of the Natural Resources Market

GUNR is designed to give investors a convenient way to participate in the potential rising global demand for natural resources through a focus on the upstream segment.

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    How to Invest in Turbulent Times?

    Quality may be the answer.

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